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Thickened Brushed Four-piece Winter Bed Sheet And Duvet Cover Three-piece Bedding Set

Thickened Brushed Four-piece Winter Bed Sheet And Duvet Cover Three-piece Bedding Set

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Product information:
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: printing, sanding, quilting
Patterns; plants and flowers
Style: Sheet type
Applicable bed size: 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed
Style: modern and simple
Flower type; [1 color] the sound of summer, [2 color] ginkgo biloba, [3 color] happy bear, [4 color] Roman holiday-yellow, [5 color] Roman holiday-orange, [6 color] royal Style, [7 color] magnificent, [8 color] Augustine, [9 color] Mandun Manor, [10 color] fragrance, [11 color] dandelion love, [12 color] half summer, [13 color] Rainbow Sweetheart, [14 Color] Avril Lavigne, [15 Color] Yin Moon, [16 Color] Moon Falling Fairy Flower, [17 Color] Icing on the Cake, [18 Color] Fragrant Senna, [19 Color] Sun Flower, [20 Color] Laurel fragrance, [21 color] blooming and rich, [22 color] good fortune, [23 color] bird fragrance, [24 color] national color and heavenly fragrance, [25 color] landscape peach blossom, [26 color] Fendai Beauty, [27 color] dandelion, [28 color] Bixiao spring, [29 color] Roman holiday, [30 color] pink makeup jade pavilion, [31 color] clear water white orchid, [32 color] pink tang dai green, [33 color] lotus pond Moonlight,[34 color]sunflower blooms
Size specifications: single quilt cover [1.5*2.0m], single quilt cover [1.8*2.2m], single quilt cover [2.0*2.3m], 1.5m four-piece cover [quilt cover 1.5*2.0m bed sheet 1.8*2.2m pillowcase 48*74 *2], 1.8m four-piece cover [quilt cover 1.8*2.2m bed sheet 2.3*2.3m pillowcase 48*74*2], 2.0m four-piece cover [quilt cover 2.0*2.3m bed sheet 2.3*2.3m pillowcase 48*74*2 】
Material; polyester cotton

Packing list
Bed linen set*1

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